“I’m not sure Karate is right for me”

Karate has loads to offer you regardless of your background. From general fitness and self defence; gradings and competition karate. We feel there is something for everyone.

“I don’t know what class to come along to”

Drop us an email or give us a phone. We can recommend the class that would suit you best.

“Do I need to buy a Gi for my first session?”

Nope! Loose fitting jogging bottoms and a tee shirt is perfectly fine for the first few classes. Once you (or you child) has settled in, you can either purchase your own Gi or order one through our suppliers. Note: for child protection reasons we have a blanket ban on shorts for all ages within our Association.

“How much do classes cost and how do I pay?”

Your first two classes are free of charge. Thereafter payments are made monthly by standing order, with prices starting from just £5.50 per class when training three times per week. Train as little or as often as you like for the same monthly price. Plus payment plans are available in times of hardship.

“Do I need to bring anything else?”

For your first few classes, all you need to bring is yourself and a water-based drink. Classes can be physically demanding and so hydration is very important. As you progress, you will be expected to bring your Gi and belt, hand, feet and shin pads, plus a gum shield and body armour for those fighting at competitions.

“What if I get hurt?”

Karate is a contact sport and so you must understand that accidents can happen. All members pay an annual license fee which enrols you into the Association Insurance. In the unlikely event that you seriously injured at training, please rest assured that all our coaches are qualified First Aiders. Plus the Association is also covered under Public Liability Insurance.