About Us


In 1995, Jim Ross watched the finals of the old Scottish Karate Governing Body Championships in Monklands Sport Centre and decided that this was the direction he wanted to go in. After leaving UKASKO, Jim set out to become a member of the SKGB using his three clubs to form an association. Come 1997, the association was granted full membership to the SKGB.


20 years later, the Yamakai Karate Association now consists of seven clubs in East Kilbride, Rutherglen, Strathaven, Uddingston, Eaglesham, Hamilton and Moffat. All of these clubs practice the Shotokan style of Karate, founded by Sensei Gichin Funakoshi. However we do also accept clubs from other styles into the association. When clubs have asked to join us, they have been accepted regardless of style provided they are open-minded and willing to get involved in association-level activities.

We try to provide something for everyone. For some, our classes are for the traditional self-defence roots of the martial art, whilst for others it is a competitive sport. Many use it as a form of exercise, while some use it as a break-out into refereeing at regional, national and international events. Being part of a Governing Body, we allow our students the freedom to train at any club within the body. This also gives students access to the Scottish National Coaches for both the Kata and Kumite squads, with the prospects of representing their country at an international level.